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A graphic I saw on social media recently suggested that more and more people are practicing yoga at home. Bringing your yoga practice into your home and making it part of your routine will not only make you a better yogi, but it will save you money, since taking classes at a yoga studio on a regular basis can get expensive!

Anyone can practice yoga at home. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Pick an area in your home where you can practice without interruption.

While you can roll out your mat anywhere there’s space for it, it’s a good idea to have a dedicated yoga space in your home, even if that space is just a corner of a room. Think about lighting and atmosphere when you pick your spot. Ideally, you will have a hardwood floor or an uncarpeted surface to practice on. If you live with other people, choose a place where you can have some privacy (or better yet, get them to practice with you)!

Set up an altar.

If you have the space, creating a small personal altar can enhance your home yoga practice even more. It will give you a concrete focal point that can help you get centered. You can buy altars at yoga and meditation shops, or use your imagination and create your own. (The altar in my yoga space is a small bench covered with a scarf.)

Place things on your altar that have significance to you—a photo of a loved one or a spiritual leader you admire, a flower, a small statue, a note to yourself to remind you to “breathe,” the words to a favorite mantra—all of these are great accents that can help you focus and tune in to your practice on a deeper level.

Practice at home, but don’t go it alone.

Using an app like Track Yoga can help you…well, stay on track with your yoga routine. It’s tough to guide yourself through a yoga practice, and unless you’re a yoga teacher, you may not know how to sequence poses properly. The Track Yoga app offers a variety of programs that target your practice to whatever issue you want to address—depression, weight loss, relaxation, an all-body workout, and more—just select the practice you want and your teacher will appear on your phone or mobile device.

Remember, yoga is a lifestyle, not an isolated practice. Whether you supplement your home practice with classes at a local studio or not, having a space in your home where you can “live your yoga” is truly invaluable.



Maria Kuzmiak

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