discriminative discernment
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Discriminative Discernment: Continuing the Yogic Journey to Liberation

The last few verses of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras remind us what we need to be free from affliction. In short, we need to continue a practice of discriminative discernment. When we catch ourselves clinging to worldly success, craving attention, or worrying about our image (among other things), we can return to our yoga practice to […]


Removing Obstacles to Transformation: Clearing the Way for Nature to Work

As we become more immersed in our yoga practice, we notice something amazing. Yoga is a tool for removing obstacles! The practice helps transform our lives and teaches us who we truly are. Fear dissipates, we feel calmer and more connected, and we find inner strength. Reverend Jaganath Carerra tells us this transformation is innate […]

spiritual insights

Spiritual Insights and Yoga: How Yogis Evolve

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are divided into four sections. The first three discuss contemplation, spiritual disciplines, and the divine powers yogis can achieve with practice. The fourth section is about evolution as a yogi, which begins with spiritual insights. You’ve likely learned or read about evolution as a scientific principle. But what is evolution […]