gyan mudra
Meditation, yoga

Yoga Mudras: Enhance Your Yoga Practice With These Symbolic Gestures

Yoga offers so many wonderful tools. There are poses, breathing exercises, meditation techniques, and mantras. Another set of tools to add to the list are yoga mudras. Mudra means seal, and yoga mudras are symbolic gestures intended to facilitate the flow of energy in a direction that helps us connect with an intention we have […]

discriminative discernment
Meditation, yoga

Discriminative Discernment: Continuing the Yogic Journey to Liberation

The last few verses of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras remind us what we need to be free from affliction. In short, we need to continue a practice of discriminative discernment. When we catch ourselves clinging to worldly success, craving attention, or worrying about our image (among other things), we can return to our yoga practice to […]