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Maintaining Calm: Yogic Tools for Cultivating Inner Stillness

In the first chapter of the Sutras, Patanjali addresses the issue of concentration and gives yogis practices for maintaining calm. In the early sutras, we learn that concentration and breathing exercises are tools for stilling the mind. That stillness, which we must create before we can reach enlightenment, is the goal of yoga. Many practices […]

Meditation, yoga

Mindfulness and Meditation

  Are they one and the same? Or are they two different techniques? Do they have something in common? Well, these topics do confuse most of you, especially if you are new to meditation. While some suggest that meditation is essential for mindfulness, others feel that mindfulness lays the foundation for deep meditation. However, in […]


Mindfulness or Sitting Meditation: What’s the Difference, and Does It Matter?

If you’ve practiced yoga for a while, you’ve probably become more mindful. While you may not think of your new “skill” as mindfulness, you’ve likely heard the term. Jon Kabot Zinn, a pioneer in this area, describes mindfulness—specifically mindfulness meditation—as awareness. Being mindful means being able to see clearly and stay focused on what is […]