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Yoga Poses for Flexible Hips

  Tight hips? These yoga poses for flexible hips could come to rescue. But before we get into those poses, let’s take a short look at the importance of maintaining and improving hip flexibility. Why do our hips tighten? Numerous factors like prolonged sitting hours, sedentary lifestyle, and age impact our flexibility. Top up – […]


7 Yoga Poses for Knees

Knees are extremely prone to acute as well as chronic injuries. These vital joints, in fact, are the most overlooked human body portions. The slightest injury could have a major negative impact on the normal daily activities. While knee pain could arise from age-related arthritic conditions, injuries to ligaments, muscles, joint cavity, meniscus, or knee […]


Yoga and Sex: Poses for Your Libido

Yogis can’t stress enough on the amazing benefits of yoga. In terms of physical changes, you’ll experience things like improved flexibility, weight loss and a reduced risk of heart disease. For mental health, you’ll find that you’re less anxious or stressed, and feel more confident in your body and self, as we discussed in an […]

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Mindfulness and Meditation

  Are they one and the same? Or are they two different techniques? Do they have something in common? Well, these topics do confuse most of you, especially if you are new to meditation. While some suggest that meditation is essential for mindfulness, others feel that mindfulness lays the foundation for deep meditation. However, in […]