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A Yogi’s Diet: How Nutrition Can Support Weight Loss and Better Practice

Yoga is practiced by 300 million people, 35 million from the United States alone. While it’s encouraging that 14% of the population is practicing mindfulness, it’s concerning that 46% of US adults have a poor-quality diet. According to Tufts University, people consume too much salt and sugar-sweetened beverages. Therefore, there may be a conflict between […]


The Power Of Words: Enhancing Your Yoga Practice With Spiritual Poems

Yoga has long been recognized as a powerful practice for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. But did you know that incorporating spiritual poems into your yoga practice can take your experience to a whole new level? In this blog post, we’ll explore the power of words and how they can enhance your yoga practice. We’ll […]

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Yoga Poses for Flexible Hips

  Tight hips? These yoga poses for flexible hips could come to rescue. But before we get into those poses, let’s take a short look at the importance of maintaining and improving hip flexibility. Why do our hips tighten? Numerous factors like prolonged sitting hours, sedentary lifestyle, and age impact our flexibility. Top up – […]


7 Yoga Poses for Knees

Knees are extremely prone to acute as well as chronic injuries. These vital joints, in fact, are the most overlooked human body portions. The slightest injury could have a major negative impact on the normal daily activities. While knee pain could arise from age-related arthritic conditions, injuries to ligaments, muscles, joint cavity, meniscus, or knee […]