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We are proud to be reviewed by Free Apps for me. Here is a small snippet of the review:

” Track yoga app contains the best yoga lessons. They are grouped into different directions and goals. For example, there is yoga for beginners, for developing flexibility, yoga against depression, and even fitness yoga. Also thanks to these classes you can get rid of such problems as back pain, stress, and slow metabolism.
You can also choose programs for morning exercises or for a short period of time if you are too busy. Each person will be able to choose a program from which classes are suitable for specific wishes and goals.”

Free apps for me is a popular blog with tons of choices to the best apps on the market. You can pick and choose the category and try check out their suggestions on the best apps on the market. Each of the app is reviewed thoroughly and ranked.

We are glad, we caught their eye and here is the entire review –

Nishanth - Track Yoga

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