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How to bring the energy from the mat to your daily life…

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We all know that yoga is an exercise for both the mind and body. Yogis worldwide get to experience the many benefits like increased flexibility and energy, improved balance and circulatory health as well as stress relief and inner peace. People who practice yoga are able to achieve mindfulness and positivity that can have lasting effects on overall health. Wouldn’t it be great to carry that yoga mindset throughout your day?

Here are a few ways to bring the energy from the mat to your daily life: 



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Personal comfort is a large part of yoga. Yoga pants and a soft tank are one of the most comfortable things you can wear and when you’re feeling completely comfortable you can focus on your poses, mantras and mental fitness. You can take physical comfort a step further with mahabis slippers, which are hugely popular among yogis due to their simple design and effortless comfort. Your feet are your foundation in yoga and deserve just as much treatment as the rest of your body. Indulge in pedicures, reflexology and extremely comfortable footwear to help improve your yoga technique and mood.


Rest and Recovery

Yoga is meant to relax and challenge the body and as you grow in your practice you will find yourself becoming stronger and more flexible. In order to continue to see growth you need to also incorporate rest and recovery between sessions. Give your feet the R&R they need with supportive footwear that molds to your feet. Wrap sore muscles and lounge in mahabis to nurture your body. Stretch from your head to your toes, hydrate and eat healthily to help improve your practice. On your days off relax and let yourself heal.


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Positivity is one of the things people appreciate most about practicing yoga. The environment in a class is uplifting and full of positive energy. You can create this vibe at home and in your day to day life by trying your own affirmations. Affirmations can be anything you want to personally work on or feel. Choose your intention and create an affirmation that inspires you each day. The first few times doing this may feel awkward, but as you continue using them you will grow to believe what you’re saying and will start to draw strength from it.


Daily Meditation


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Meditation is an important aspect of yoga, allowing the mind to relax and improve your wellbeing. However, meditation doesn’t need to involve an hour-long yoga class. You can take a few minutes each day to wind down and meditate. You can choose to try guided meditation online or through podcasts, or choose to meditate on your own using techniques from yoga. Spending some time each morning or evening to do this will help to alleviate stress and anxiety.



Relaxing doesn’t need to be mantras and meditation. You can relax any way that suits you. Whether that means binge watching your favorite show, playing a game of tennis or going to a café and enjoying a piping hot latte, down time is so important. Reset in whatever way you know how and take the time to truly enjoy your day. Taking some time to kick up your feet and relax can have a powerful impact on your mood and outlook.

While yoga itself is very meditative, it’s important to incorporate mindful moments outside of yoga as well. Yoga is so popular because of how it makes you feel and you can achieve that feeling anywhere with these techniques. Bring that yoga energy into your daily routine and become more connected and centered.

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