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Are they one and the same? Or are they two different techniques? Do they have something in common? Well, these topics do confuse most of you, especially if you are new to meditation. While some suggest that meditation is essential for mindfulness, others feel that mindfulness lays the foundation for deep meditation. However, in my view, mindfulness and meditation share a very close, intricate relationship.

In the previous article, we learned How to meditate. Just go back to the write-up and read it carefully. You would notice that mindfulness exists in each and every element and aspect of the process. The way you consciously choose a place and time for the practice – the mindful breathing and relaxing. When your mind becomes adamant and wanders away from the practice, you bring it back to the focal point with utmost mindfulness.

This leaves us with an impression that mindfulness leads to meditation. But before you conclude, let’s see the differences and the commonalities between mindfulness and meditation.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is defined as “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.”

It is a technique or an art that could help you to do away with ruminative actions, thereby ensuring that you live your life completely in the Now. There is no worry about the future. There is no chewing the past moments. When you are mindful, you feel the burden lifting away from your mind and heart. Your body, mind, and soul become so light that you will find smiling naturally.

You might feel that it is crazy stuff. But, it is not crazy as it seems. Unless you experience it’s magic, you won’t be able to comprehend what I’m trying to explain. You can do it. Anyone for that matter can do it. You would have done it when you were a child. Here’s a small story that might help you recollect a similar childhood experience.

Can We Pretend It’s Tomorrow Already?

A beautiful little girl received a big basket full of her favorite chocolates as her birthday gift. It was tempting to finish them all, but she decided to share. She kept two aside for herself and shared the rest with her friends. And, in the process, she ate one. It was late in the night, and all her friends bid adieu and went back to their homes.

This little cutie came to her mom and asked, “Mom, can I have one of those chocolates now?” The mother was concerned as she that her daughter had already had a couple of chocolates earlier. The mom replied, “Dear, you already ate two with your friends. You can have it tomorrow.”

The daughter agreed and went upstairs. Couple of seconds later, she came running and said, “Mom, why don’t we pretend it’s already tomorrow?”

Yes, that is the power of now. As children, you used to be the same. There was no place for the word called tomorrow in your dictionary then. There was no worry about what happened even a couple of minutes ago. All you were aware was the present moment.

And, that’s what precisely mindfulness is.

So, What Is Meditation Then?

The concept of meditation is pretty large. In simple words, this practice allows you to establish a connection with your True Self with utmost concentration, acknowledged whatever is happening in your mind, and in a way, establish self-regulation. There are numerous ways to meditate – love, compassion, mantra, and so on. And of course, there exists mindfulness meditation, which seems to the current vogue.

While there are differences between the two, they are two sides of the same coin. Mindfulness and meditation complement each other and intercept. At the same time, they have individualistic features and definitions and goals that make them unique in their own way.

Combining Mindfulness and Meditation

What happens when you combine two powerful things? The results are beyond words.

When you practice mindful meditation,

  • Glucose levels become manageable
  • Sleep improves
  • Weight normalizes
  • Stress flies away
  • Dependency on drugs take a plunge
  • Relationships improve
  • Worries about future disappear
  • Anxieties are laid to rest

This means…

You can meditate anywhere when you are mindful. Eating consciously acknowledging and being grateful for the food on your plate is an excellent meditation practice. A walk in nature, observing the sounds and objects around you, is known to be de-stressing.

Even more, you can even turn your chores into a meditative practice with conscious presence in the now.

But the simplest form is to breathe – breathe consciously. When your inhales and exhales are long and deep, your body and mind relax. A calm body and mind will allow you to let go of what doesn’t serve you… They will give you a chance to accept and acknowledged yourself without criticisms!

Embarking on the journey of meditation could be difficult — but if you want to start out with baby steps, take ten minutes out of each day to remain mindful! Practice yoga with Track Yoga daily to enjoy an active, mindful meditation!

Feel and experience the power of focusing your mind right away!

So what do you feel? Mindfulness and meditation are the same? Share your thoughts!

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