Yoga Poses For Lazy Lie-Ins

Supta Saddha Konasana ( propped)

Not all enthusiastic yogis are early risers eager to hit the mat when the alarm clock rings. Those of you who like to enjoy a lazy lie-in, from time to time, don’t need to miss out on the benefits of regular yoga practice though. There are many strengthening flexible poses you can do from the comfort of your cosy bed.
Start the day with a few minutes of yoga practice before you get up. Setting a clear intention, to promote a beneficial balance, will still the mind and prepare your body for some gentle poses that relieve stress, increase flexibility and lift your mood.
Do bear in mind that a comfortable mattress does not offer the same level of resistance and support as a yoga mat positioned on a hard floor. As with all forms of yoga practice do stop if your body hurts or if the stretch feels too intense.
• The Corpse Pose
As the name implies this pose looks like you are sleeping, but is actually the practice of conscious resting. Lie on your back with your arms by your side, palms facing upward. Focus on your heart space. Empty your thoughts and set your intention for the day ahead. Hold the pose for as long as you are present.
• The Fish Pose
Whilst flat on your back, place your hands underneath your hips. Lift your chest up, and out, above your shoulders. Stretch your head back. Hold this energizing pose for five breaths.
• The Reclining Goddess Pose
Still lying down, bend knees so that the soles of your feet touch. Place your arms by your side or stretched above your head. Feel the stretch in your thighs as you hold the pose.

• The Forward Bend
Sit up and fold forward, reaching for your toes. Don’t worry if your hands don’t quite reach that far. Bend your knees if there is tightness in the back of your legs. Deepen the stretch by focusing on your exhale breath.

You can also take your lazy yoga practice to bed, by adapting poses that help promote deep relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

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