Practicing Yoga at Home: Why It’s A Must for True Yogis and How to Do It

practicing yoga at home

Can you be a true yogi without practicing yoga at home? Probably not, unless you have the time and money to go to a studio class every day. Moreover, since yoga is a lifestyle practice, it makes sense that practicing at home would be part of a devoted yogi’s routine.

It can be difficult to get into a routine that includes a daily practice, but once you make your practice part of your life most days, you may find it’s easier to practice at home than not to.

How to make practicing yoga at home easier

  1. Pick your spot

You can practice yoga anywhere there’s room for your mat, but why not have a dedicated yoga space? If you can find a spot that’s private and quiet, all the better. If you have an extra room you can turn into a home yoga studio, you’re at an advantage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a dedicated yoga space if you only have a corner. Consider purchasing a room divider with a yogic feel to make the space more inviting.

  1. Create the space

Your yoga space should feel as much like a yoga studio as possible. If you have room, create a personal altar or meditation space. It help focus your practice. Include candles, statues, or objects that have spiritual meaning to you. For example, you might place a statue of a deity that inspires you, flowers, photographs of inspiring scenery, or framed inspirational quotes in your yoga space.

  1. Find the right instruction

Even though you’re practicing at home, you’ll probably need some guidance. That means videos, DVDs, or a great app on your phone. Of course, we think the Track Yoga app is the best choice for practicing yoga at home. You can pick a class that fits what you need on any given day. Feeling down? Practice yoga for depression. Need some energy? There are faster-paced classes. Do you need to get in shape? The yoga workout may be what you need.

  1. Decide when you will practice

To make practicing yoga at home part of your routine, set aside time for the practice as if you were going to a studio class. What’s the best time for you? Maybe you attend a morning class twice a week and want to make that your yoga time every day. Or maybe some days, you’d prefer a lunchtime class. Do what works for you, but don’t leave it to chance. Commit to doing it! Add your yoga time to your calendar just like you would add a meeting or lunch with a friend.

Remember, yoga is a lifestyle practice. That means you need to bring your practice into your home and make it part of your daily life. Whether practicing yoga at home is a supplement to studio classes or not, having a space in your home where you can live your yoga will give you a deeper connection to the practice.

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