Warrior Flow: Building Strength, Peace, and Energy


Are you a yoga warrior? One of the best sequences to practice is the warrior flow from warrior 2 to peaceful warrior to side angle pose. Why? Because each pose in the flow taps into one of three important benefits of practicing yoga.

Warrior 2 is a pose of strength and power. Peaceful warrior, as the name suggests, encourages us to lean into peace and become calmer. Side-angle is an energizing pose that opens the side of the body from the feet to the fingers.

Practicing the Warrior Flow

As you probably know, there are several warrior poses, so there is more than one warrior flow. Each is a great opportunity to tune in and pay close attention to how you move from one pose to another as well as how you align in each pose.

Let’s take a closer look at the sequence from warrior 2 to peaceful warrior to side angle pose. Imagine each detail as you read the rest of this post. You’ll probably find something new to focus on next time you practice this warrior flow.

Start in Warrior 2

To come into warrior 2, begin with your feet a leg’s length apart with your feet pointing forward toward the short side of the mat. Lift your arms out to the sides, parallel to the floor and in one line, palms facing down. Look back to make sure your back arms are in one straight line. Then, turn your right foot out 90 degrees, keeping the feet in one line.

Come into a warrior 2 by bending your right knee over the right ankle on an exhale. Make sure you can still see your toes when you look down. If you can’t, your knee is bent too far. Your hips are facing the long side of the mat with your torso directly over your pelvis. Your left leg is straight, and your left foot parallel to the short side of the mat. Press down firmly on the back foot to engage the leg muscles.

Getting Peaceful

From warrior 2, move into peaceful warrior by keeping your legs where they are and turning your right palm upwards. Inhale and lift your right hand up toward the sky, bending your upper body slightly back towards your left leg. Place your left hand lightly on your left leg anywhere but the knee and keep on reaching to the sky with your right hand as you look up at it. Come back into warrior II from here before moving into side angle.

Getting Energized

To come into side angle pose, take your right arm to the inside of your right knee, bending it and placing it on the knee. Place your extended arm on a block or all the way down to the floor. Don’t let your chest collapse. You want to stay lifted and open.

If you’re able to, you can also place your right hand to the outside of your right foot. Your left arm is pointing up to the ceiling, or to stretch your side body, you can bring your arm in one line pointing forward over your left ear.

If you choose to point your left arm forward, you can look at your left hand if it doesn’t hurt your neck. Look up at your hand if your arm is pointing straight up. If you want to try a bind from here, you can wrap your right arm under your right knee, take your left arm to your lower back and clasp the hands, pressing your chest open and taking your right knee slightly out to the right. Look up.

Now you can repeat the entire sequence on the other side to double the fun and benefits of this warrior flow!

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