Awesome Yoga Postures for Weight Loss


Obesity has become a pressing issue for many people in the recent times owing to the sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. People are getting more and more aware of the health issues arising as a result of being overweight. To get back in shape, Yoga can be of great help to you. Here’s some great Yoga poses that would make you slim and trim again.

Surya Namaskara (Sun salutation)

Surya Namaskara includes 12 distinct Yoga postures that aim to strengthen every part of the body. Besides enhancing muscles, ligaments and bones, it also helps in getting rid of stress and anxiety.

The prayer pose at the outset followed by a forward bend and the cobra pose are the key postures of this “asana”.

Boat Pose

As you must have guessed from the name, you have to lie down on your back and hold a “V” shaped position for around 10 seconds. As you gain more expertise, you can increase the holding period. Your stomach muscles would feel a pressure, but fat from your tummy would get magically reduced.

Bridge Pose

If you want to get rid of the fat accumulation in hips, thighs, stomach and back, Bridge Pose is the right “yogasana” for you. You have to lie down on your back and stretch your hands sideways. The next step is to flex and spread out your knees. Once you are done with this, raise your body towards the ceiling from the pelvis. Let your hands support the body. You have to hold this position as long as you are comfortable and then return back to normal.

Triangular Pose

Step your right food out while you are in a standing posture. Then, push your right waistline over the right leg with arms stretched out and gradually proceed downwards. Repeat this same posture on the other side.

Warrior Pose

Stretch one of the leg back and go into a lunge like position with the other leg. The knee should be consciously maintained at a 90 degree angle. The hands should be stretched above the head. This is a great yogasana for improving blood circulation. Apart from that, it works great on arms, legs, thighs and back.

Upward Plank

If you are an amateur, this yogasana would be a bit tough for you. However, it serves numerous purposes. It is great for the skeletal and muscular system as well as the respiratory system. To perform this asana, you have to sit with the legs extended in the front and place your hands behind the hips while pointing towards the feet. Raise your body upwards from the hipbone and pull your head backwards.

If you face problems due to the extra pounds on you, try out these amazing Yoga Poses. Needless to say, the effectiveness of Yoga as a weight loss aid is simply unbelievable.





Disha Bhatt is a doctor by profession and a writer by choice. She wishes to reach out to the people and share with them the miracles of Yoga through her articles on Track Yoga.

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