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Teenager girls sometimes face many problems with menses. Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome is an important contributing factor to irregularity in periods. To ensure a healthy reproductive system, a regular menstrual cycle is mandatory. Here are some very useful Yoga poses that can restore the regularity in periods.

Diamond Pose (Vajrasana)

Diamond Pose is one of the simplest Yogasanas. It stimulates the ovaries, thereby curing irregular menses. It also cures urinary problems and strengthens reproductive organs. In order to perform this asana, you should sit with legs folded under the body with a straight posture of the spine. Place your palms on the respective knees and maintain a deep breathing process. Release the inhaled air after completing a count till 10. Keep a positive thought process as long as you carry out the asana. As a novice, you can perform it for around 10 minutes but experts can even do it till 20 minutes.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Another simple Yogasana for girls is Mountain Pose. Patients of obstructed menses can benefit a lot from this Yoga. With the heels kept flat on the floor, stand with feet apart by an inch. Hands should be kept by the side of the body and look to the front. Stay in this posture for around 2-5 minutes. Rest for a while and repeat.

Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukhasvanasana)

Every female reproductive organ, including the ovarian tubes, ovaries and uterus can get strengthened by Downward Facing Dog Pose. To start with this asana, you should sit on the four limbs. Raise your pelvis as long as your hands and legs get straightened. Knees and elbows should not bend. Stay like this for around 15 seconds. Slowly go back to the normal position and then repeat.

Pyramid Pose (Parsvottanasana)

Pyramid Pose should be begun by standing with one foot away from another one. Arms should be folded behind the back. In the next step, bend forward till the chin and knee touch each other. Stay in the same pose for approximately 20 seconds. Get back to the normal position slowly and then proceed with the opposite side.

Wide Legged Forward Bending Pose (Prasarit Padottasana)

Keep your feet at the width of your shoulder in a standing stance. Gradually bend forwards and make sure your hands touch the ground. This pose should be maintained for around 15-20 seconds. Knees should be kept straight without fail for the best therapeutic effect of this pose. As you gain expertise, you would be able to be flexible enough to perform this pose perfectly.

Are you a worried mother because your daughter faces irregular periods? Show her these poses and get rid of the period anxiety.






Disha Bhatt is a doctor by profession and a writer by choice. She wishes to reach out to the people and share with them the miracles of Yoga through her articles on Track Yoga.

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