How to use Track Yoga app to make the best out of it?

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Yoga is amazing. With a wide array of tempting benefits, it has now evolved into, perhaps, what could be considered as a perfect exercise regimen. But practicing in a yoga studios comes with its own set of hurdles. Along with the time and comfort, they are pretty expensive too.

And that is why we set out with an ambition to use technology and make yoga accessible to anyone and everyone across the globe, at a time, place, and destination they choose.

You can now do yoga at your comfort with Track Yoga. Early morning yoga, late night, after-kids, bed time yoga, park yoga, living room yoga – you choose your style. With Track Yoga, everything is possible now, and that without compromising on your comfort zone. We offer a wide array of classes, for the beginners as well as intermediates.

You can either choose from single classes that last around 10 to 25 minutes or the programs. Each program is a set of 4 classes. Bonus – you have your personal teacher to guide you through your your journey!

If you haven’t downloaded the app already. just go ahead and do it now!! Here !!

Okay, now that you’re all set with your new shiny app, lets start exploring it together.

Wishing you a wonderful yoga journey with Track Yoga!


Nishanth - Track Yoga

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