National Yoga Month: 7 Ways to Celebrate (It’s Not Too Late!)

September is National Yoga Month. Have you participated in the celebration? If you didn’t know about this month-long celebration of yoga, it’s not too late. Yoga studios everywhere offer special classes, concerts, and events during the month of September. It’s a way to raise awareness of yoga, so tell your friends and family. Find a yoga event you can attend together.

Not sure how to celebrate National Yoga Month? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Take a class at a studio you’ve never been to before. Better yet, find a brand new studio and attend an open house or class there, or find a brand new yoga teacher to support. If you can’t find a new studio or teacher, try a new kind of yoga experience. Perhaps that means using a yoga app like Track Yoga for the first time!

2. Give someone a yoga gift. What better way to celebrate National Yoga Month than with gifts? If you have a yogi friend with a September birthday, a gift certificate to a yoga studio or yoga clothing boutique is a great idea. Or maybe you know someone who has never tried yoga. You never know, your gift may change a life!

3. Offer karma yoga to someone in need. Karma yoga—the yoga of service—is something most of us could do more of, isn’t it? This month is a great time to start volunteering at a local charity. If you don’t have time to volunteer, consider a monetary donation to a cause that means something to you.

4. Attend a Global Mala event. The Global Mala Project is a celebration of yoga that takes place each year during National Yoga Month. Local events usually occur in conjunction with the autumnal equinox on September 19-21. At Global Mala events, yogi participate in 108 rounds of sun salutations. The number is based on the sacred cycle of 108. If you’re overwhelmed by a goal of 108 sun salutations, you can divide that number by two or three and go for 54 or 27 rounds instead. You might surprise yourself, though, and make it to 108 after all!

5. Read a great yoga book. Need a suggestion? Check out last week’s post, 9 Yoga Books I Hope You’ll Enjoy as Much as I Did!

6. Step up your yoga game. Stuck in beginner’s mode? Try a level 2 yoga class this month! Only practicing once in a while? Commit to a weekly or even daily practice. Remember, you don’t have to practice yoga for an hour every single day (though it’s ideal if you can). You can grab the Track Yoga app anytime for a short practice right in your home or office.

7. Treat yourself for Yoga Month. Your friends and family members aren’t the only ones who’ll appreciate the gift of yoga to celebrate National Yoga Month. As one of my yoga teachers always says, you deserve your own love and affection as much as anyone else does. So go ahead and buy yourself that new mat, pair of yoga pants, yoga app, or meditation CD.

How are you celebrating National Yoga Month? We’d love to know!

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Maria Kuzmiak

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