Balancing the First Chakra With Yoga: Becoming Grounded and Secure

balancing the first chakra

The chakra system—the energy system of the body—begins at the base of the spine with the root chakra. Known as the muladhara chakra, the energy of the root chakra is concerned with stability. It is where we become grounded and secure. Yoga offers tools for balancing the first chakra when you’re not feeling secure, safe or stable.

Yoga for Balancing the First Chakra

Grounding yoga poses are great for the root chakra. Poses like staff pose, bound angle pose, locust, and bridge are good examples.

It’s also useful to concentrate on the root lock—mula bandha—when you need to become more grounded. Mula bandha is one of three locks that allow us to harness and use energy. To engage mula bandha, contract the pelvic muscles. This protects the lower back and gives you stability and strength from the root.

Other Tools for Balancing the First Chakra

Meditation is a powerful tool for balancing the chakra system as well. You can practice a root chakra meditation specifically for muladhara chakra. To do this, sit comfortable in a cross-legged position as you normally would for meditation. Breathe slowing and deeply into the low belly, all the way down to the perineum. Bring your awareness to the tip of the tailbone. Engage mula bandha by contracting the muscles between the pubic and tailbones. Keep this contraction and awareness as you continue to breathe in and out deeply.

Colors, aromas, and sounds can also open blocked energy and balance the chakra system. The colors of the chakra system correspond to the colors of the rainbow, starting with red—the color of the first chakra. Wearing red clothing may help you tune into root chakra energy.

The first chakra’s sound is lam. Chanting this sound is another tool for balancing the first chakra. You can also try aromatherapy targeted to first chakra energy. Grounding aromas like sandalwood and cedarwood as well as calming scents like frankincense and patchouli are ideal.

Benefits of Balancing the First Chakra

Remember that the first chakra is part of a whole energy system. Each energy center has a specific role, but they work together to make you a healthy, integrated being who is strongly connected to your source. When the root chakra is balanced, your needs for security are met. If it is out of balance, you may be unable to meet basic needs for money, shelter, nutrition, or safety. You may also feel emotionally or socially insecure.

Without a strong root, you’ll have difficulty with the rest of the chakras. This makes sense, of course. When your basic needs aren’t met, there’s little else that matters. You may feel anxious or fearful and have difficulty functioning.

If you’re a yogi, you can use the tools of yoga for balancing the first chakra. Of course, yoga alone won’t bring you financial security or physical safety, but it can help put you in the frame of mind necessary to address these things. It can also help you trust in your innate ability as well as the Universe’s power to direct you to what you need.

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