Balancing the Third Chakra: Strengthen Your Core and Be Yourself

balancing the third chakra

The third chakra—the manipura chakra—is the center of personal power. As you’d expect, it’s located in the core of the body, at the solar plexus. To fully be ourselves, we need a strong core. Balancing the third chakra means maximizing personal power and strength.

When energy flows through the third chakra, we feel a strong sense of purpose and self-worth. We’re able to exert power without being controlling or dominant. In other words, we take our rightful place in the world and live in peace among all beings. We are energetic and enthusiastic about the life we are meant to live.

If you’ve read the last two posts in this series—on balancing the first and second chakras—you know that the chakras are the energy system of the body. They work together, so when one is out of balance, issues may arise elsewhere. Similarly, bringing one chakra into balance helps set up conditions for balancing the others.

The first and second chakras govern our sense of security and our ability to express ourselves creatively and emotionally. We need a strong sense of our own personal power to use those abilities. The third chakra, then, unleashes our creative force when we feel secure in the world.

Third Chakra Issues

If core energy is blocked, you’ll feel weak and powerless. Anger and helplessness are also common symptoms of third chakra energy blocks. Physically, you may have problems with digestion.

Emotional issues related to third chakra imbalance include fear, anger, and a chronic need for approval. Other possibilities include becoming frustrated easily or having a strong need to control situations and outcomes. Worry, doubt, and difficulty making decisions are also signs that you need to work on balancing the third chakra.

Yoga Poses for Balancing the Third Chakra

Balancing the third chakra means creating a sense of personal strength. It’s probably not hard to guess which poses are effective for doing this. As you’d imagine, any pose that requires a strong core will help unblock the energy of the manipura chakra. Poses like planks, chaturanga, and boat pose are good examples. The warrior poses and sun salutations also help strengthen abdominal muscles, making them all ideal for balancing manipura chakra.

Other Practices for Balancing the Third Chakra

Like the other chakras, the third chakra has a color and a seed sound. In this case, the color of the manipura chakra is yellow. Surrounding yourself with yellow objects or wearing yellow clothing may help you feel confident and strong.

The seed sound for the third chakra is ram. Chanting this syllable can help bring about a sense of strength and personal power. It is a way of honoring the life force within you.

Finally, you can use aromatherapy to strengthen the third chakra and invoke a sense of personal power. Aromas for balancing the third chakra include strong scents like peppermint, ginger, and cardamom. Notably, these scents come from spices that can help ease the digestive issues often associated with third chakra imbalances.

A strong core is key to fulfilling the purpose you were meant for. So, if you’re struggling to find the strength and confidence you need to be yourself, consider these practices for balancing the third chakra.

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2 thoughts on “Balancing the Third Chakra: Strengthen Your Core and Be Yourself

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  2. moo'n says:

    A strong core is key to fulfilling the purpose you were meant for.

    love this! I am working on myself back to my unique path and I am guessing my third chakra is the key❤

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