Boost Self Confidence with Yoga: Poses for Empowerment

boost self confidence

We all want to boost self confidence, don’t we? We want to be comfortable with who we are and believe we have something to offer the world. And we want the freedom to live according to our values and goals so we can truly make a difference.

Too often self confidence eludes us. We may have it and then lose it, depending on what’s going on in our lives. If you’ve practiced yoga for a while, notice how your practice helps boost self-confidence. If you haven’t noticed this effect yet, be patient. It will happen.

How Yoga Can Help Boost Self-Confidence

Yoga helps boost self confidence when we practice poses that help us feel powerful and strong. Here are some suggestions.

Mountain Pose. While it may seem like an easy pose, mountain pose is really all about confidence. Mountains are still and strong. When you stand tall in mountain pose, you can feel your inner strength.

Plank. Like any pose that builds strength, plank pose can help boost confidence. It’s tough at first, but the more you practice, the easier it will get and the more confident you’ll become.  

Warrior Poses. Any variation of warrior I, II, or III can help boost self confidence. When you’re posed like a warrior—whether humble, windswept or balanced on one foot—it’s difficult to feel meek or insecure.

Balancing Poses. Balance and confidence go well together. If you think you’ll fall, you probably will. If you keep your cool and remain confident, it’s easier to maintain balance. Whether you work on mastering tree pose or go for more difficult balances like king dancer, remember to go with the flow. Accept that falling is part of the process of building self-confidence. If it happens, just get right back into the pose!

Inversions. While not everyone can do headstand or handstand, mastering inversions will surely help boost confidence. Don’t worry if you’re still learning, though. Even the preps for inversions are challenging. You’ll feel progress as you move toward that first head or handstand, even if you don’t master the pose right away.

Power Yoga. As an overall style, power yoga, particularly a power vinyasa practice in which you flow energetically from one pose to another, is ideal for boosting self-confidence. While many people are intimidated by the idea of power yoga, it’s actually doable by yogis of any level, and most teachers will provide modifications for newer students who haven’t yet mastered some of the more challenging power poses.

Remember the more you practice yoga in any style, the more confident you’ll become!

More Tools to Help Boost Self Confidence

For a real confidence boost, try diffusing lemongrass essential oil while you do your power yoga practice. The uplifting aroma of lemongrass may help enhance well-being, particularly when it comes to emotional issues associated with lack of confidence.

You can also wear or envision yellow—the color of the solar plexus chakra—to help boost confidence. In fact, you can create an entire yoga practice for the solar plexus, the energy center that governs self-confidence and personal power.

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