Benefits of Meditation

80 Time-tested Reasons You Should Meditate Daily


We all love to enjoy a life that is free from stress. In reality, it is non-feasible. On the contrary, there is a magical tool that will help us to manage stress and enjoy life. Known as meditation, it will teach you to live in the present. Additionally, there are more benefits of meditation that you should know. And, that is what we will be looking at in this article.  Now, let’s get started.

You can divide the benefits of meditation into three:

  • Physical
  • Mental/Psychological
  • Spiritual

Let’s take a look at these now…

80 Reasons Why You Should Meditate Daily


Physical Benefits of Meditation


  1. Improves your immunity
  2. Relieves stress
  3.  Aids in weight loss
  4. Eases digestive disorders
  5. Enhances your energy levels
  6. Improves breathing
  7. Improves your heart rate
  8. Lowers blood pressure levels
  9. Eases inflammatory responses
  10. Lowers recurrences of asthma
  11. Eases premenstrual and menopausal woes
  12. Helps to manage and prevent fibromyalgia and arthritis
  13. Enhances the alkaline levels of your body
  14. Lowers cholesterol levels
  15. Slows down aging process
  16. Increases longevity
  17. Reduces muscle tension
  18. Increases blood circulation
  19. Eases headaches, migraine, and sinusitis
  20. Improves sleep
  21. Helps to manage diabetes
  22. Lowers cholesterol levels
  23. Boosts your sexual life
  24. Improves fertility
  25. Helps to lower lactate levels in blood
  26. Regulates the adrenal glands
  27. Keeps the hormones under control
  28. Improves oxygen consumption
  29. Increases workout performance levels
  30. Lowers free radicals


Mental Benefits of Meditation


  1. Improves levels of serotonin
  2. Keeps your calmer and more peaceful
  3. Prevents constant mood changes
  4. Therapeutic for depression
  5. Helps to manage fears and phobias
  6. Improves creativity
  7. Enhances focus
  8. Improves productivity and concentration
  9. Improves relationships
  10. Boosts happiness
  11. Enhances intuitive skills
  12. Improves learning potential
  13. Enhances memory
  14. Helps to track unproductive thoughts
  15. Improves self-confidence
  16. Increases listening skills
  17. Increases sympathy and empathy
  18. Helps to remain non-judgmental
  19. Prevents self-abuse and self-criticism
  20. Reduces aggressiveness
  21. Reduces anger and rage
  22. Increases adaptability
  23. Increases creativity
  24. Inculcates patience
  25. Stabilizes emotional fluctuations
  26. Helps to break and quit addictive behaviors
  27. Helps to overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  28. Boosts will power
  29. Makes you more assertive
  30. Makes you more responsible
  31. Improves communication skills
  32. Helps you manage life better


Spiritual Benefits of Meditation


  1. Improves peace of mind and happiness
  2. Encourages you to find life purpose
  3. Helps you ground and center
  4. Helps you stay calm during turbulent situations
  5. Increases positive attitude towards life
  6. Helps you accept yourself without judgment and criticism
  7. Improves optimism
  8. Improves self-awareness
  9. Increased self-actualization
  10. Increased compassion
  11. Helps you expand your wisdom
  12. Helps you to forgive
  13. Teaches you to let go of the past
  14. Helps you detach
  15. Helps you re-establish the connection among your body, mind, and spirit
  16. Rekindles self-love
  17. Improves your capacity to love without conditions
  18. Helps you discover the power of oneness
  19. Helps you connect with your True Self
  20. Increases synchronicity in your life

Most of all, meditation teaches you to live in the present moment. 

Somebody has put it right. The past is gone; the future is unknown. As a matter of fact, it is only the present that is known to us. This is the most noteworthy among the benefits of meditation.

How to enjoy the benefits of meditation?

Nevertheless, you will be able to enjoy all these benefits of meditation when your mind becomes silent. Silencing the mind is simpler than you think. In fact, we are the masters. We rule our minds and not vice versa. Our minds are like those wild monkeys. Just as the monkeys hop from one tree to the next without any aim, our minds also keep wandering.

But you can control our mind from wandering. All you have to do is to spend 10 to 15 minutes a day. This time will not come on its own. We have to create the time. There will be countless things on our to-do list. We can do them later also. Make meditation a priority.

Meditation is completely free! It requires no special equipment and is not complicated to learn. You can practice it anywhere, at any given moment, and it is not time-consuming. Moreover, meditation has zero negative effects.

When you observe your mind, you will realize that it has fooled you. It acts as if it controls you. But, you are not its slave. It just becomes happy, sad, jealous, and frustrated. However, you do not have to run after those feelings. Just detoxify them. Cleanse and purify your mind as you do your body.

We can think of meditation as a shower. A warm shower leaves your body refreshed and calm. In the same manner, meditation calms and refreshes your mind.

Remember, we do not have the power to control the external circumstances. However, we can harness our internal circumstances. And, meditation is the right tool to harness the power of our minds.

Leave the past! Everything is fine this moment! Start meditating now to reap the benefits of meditation!

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