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I bet if you do a quick survey of your friends and colleagues you might notice three distinct types of people emerging. The earth mother who wants to take care of everyone. The friend who is hugely creative and intelligent but who doesn’t seem to be able to settle on a job. And the boss in charge of an important project who is dynamic in leading his team but has very little patience with anyone who doesn’t pull their weight.

According to yoga, we are all made up of three distinct types of energy, or doshas, and the one that is predominant is the one that determines the type of person we are. The three doshas are vata (wind and air), pitta (fire and water) and kapha (earth and water). Knowing which one you are can explain lots of things about your health, body type and personality. There are hundreds of online quizzes where you can find out which type you are.

  • A vata (wind and air) type is often tall, thin and prone to dry skin (all that wind drying them out). Vata governs movement and although vata types are creative and imaginative, they can often be blown off course. Brimming with ideas, they can get bored easily. Vatas often suffer from problems with joints.
  • A pitta type is fiery and (funnily enough) often red haired. They can flare up in anger. If they are cleaning it is fast and furious. Everything looks immaculate – but inside the cupboards you will probably find all the clutter they just wanted to sweep away. Pittas are often afflicted with digestive problems such as heartburn.
  • A kapha (earth and water) type is often sturdy, curved and strong. A nurturing, earth-mother type they are suited to the caring professions where they can look after people. Slow to get going, but once unleashed they do a thorough job. After a cleaning session, their house may not look all that different, but take a look inside the cupboards and all will be immaculate. Kaphas can often be overweight and should make time for physical exercise.

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