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Just as with everything else in life, you probably have your favorite asanas and ones that you’d rather run a mile from. Have you ever looked into why this might be? Perhaps you find the backward bending poses such as Cobra, Bow and Bridge really challenging. With these poses you are opening your chest and ultimately your heart to the world. Perhaps this makes you feel vulnerable and on a subconscious level your body finds it difficult to move into them.

Then again it might be the forward bends that you like to flee. If you bend forward you can’t see what’s going on behind you. On a subconscious level you might be tensing your back muscles because of this fear making backbends even more difficult to ease into. If you carry this fear into your everyday life you are going to have a pretty rigid back and you might remain at a stubborn 45° angle in your Sitting Forward Bend.

The upside down poses turn everything topsy turvy. And that might not be your idea of fun. You prefer to keep things in order and avoid getting a different perspective on life. If so, the Headstand and Shoulderstand are probably no-go areas in your yoga practice.

Life is never a smooth path, you’re always going to run into knotty problems that seem impossible to untangle. This is where the twists come in. The twisting asanas teach us how to handle life’s complications and learn how to solve them by patiently unraveling the knots. So if you find twisting your problem poses, why not step back, look at your life and try to see if you are caught up in any problems that need addressing.

While most people look on yoga as a physical exercise, don’t you believe it. Yoga works on many levels and your reaction to many of the poses can often reveal underlying issues in your life. So whenever you feel like you can’t face the Cobra, take a moment to examine just why that might be. These are the poses you really do need to work on.

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