Yoga and Sex: Poses for Your Libido

Yogis can’t stress enough on the amazing benefits of yoga. In terms of physical changes, you’ll experience things like improved flexibility, weight loss and a reduced risk of heart disease. For mental health, you’ll find that you’re less anxious or stressed, and feel more confident in your body and self, as we discussed in an earlier post called ‘Poses for Empowerment’. The list is endless, and one benefit that beginners or newcomers to the practice might not know is that yoga improves your sex life. It’s probably why yogis always have an incredible zest for life, and why they always have that glow to them.

It’s a known fact that exercise does improve your sex drive, with the Fitness blog sharing that regular workouts lead to better performance and enhanced image of the self. There are a lot of components to sex and reaching an orgasm, sometimes making it a very complicated subject to explore. Even something seemingly as basic as the sexual bases can be confusing, as The Scene reveals the varying opinions on what constitutes as each base. But one of the greatest things about sex is learning what feels good for you and your partner, becoming in tune with your mind and your body. And once you realize that other parts of your life are directly connected with sex (such as your yoga classes), you’ll find it easier to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

How Yoga Can Increase Your Libido

When people picture yoga and sex, they immediately think of the Kama Sutra. While those positions do require certain yoga skills, there are much more basic yoga poses you can do on your own that will result in an improved sex life. Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga requires you to engage all your muscles, and a lot of the time, you’ll find you are pretty much exercising your kegels.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific poses that will boost your libido and intensify your orgasms:

Bound Angle. One of the effects of this pose is improved circulation to your pelvis. With better blood flow comes more energy and also increases arousal.

Bridge. It’s a slightly sexual position to begin with, so it’s not surprising that there are some sexy benefits to it. Here, you’re stretching your hip flexors, which help with mobility and flexibility. It’s also like a kegel exercise since you’re squeezing the same pelvic muscles.

Cat/Cow. This strengthens your kegels, and we all know that strong kegels are key to better orgasms.

Downward Dog. One of the best poses for full body muscle tone and invigorating the mind is Downward Dog. It makes you feel strong and gives you a sense of confidence, which is important for sex. Not to mention, this improves your flexibility and releases tension in your back. Fitness Magazine also explains that this also doubles up as a sex position.

Eagle. Eagle is known as a detoxifying pose, but it also works as a libido booster. As you release your legs, you’ll feel all the blood rushing to your pelvic area. As stated with Bound Angle, circulation to the pelvis increases your arousal.

Pigeon. This is one of the poses that can help you completely relax and release the tension in your hips. It allows you to really connect with your breath, which has been said to help with creating more sexual intimacy with your partner.

Remember to take your time with these poses, breathing deeply for optimal results!

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